A business for the dogs

   An unusual business moved into the area during the holidays.
   DoodyPro, a dog waste disposal company, has opened its doors in bellefonte.
   For a monthly fee, owner Talen Von Gunden will go to customers’ homes on a weekly or biweekly basis to clean up after man’s best friend. 
   Von Gunden said he started the company because of the recession.
   ” I wanted to do something on my own, something I could rely on myself for,” he said.
   His company will initially serve the Centre Region, Bellefonte and surrounding areas.
   Von Gunden said the service makes sense for dog owners who are too busy – or unwiiling – to clean up after their pets , or for elderly or ailing pet owners who may have a hard time keeping up with their dog.
   “Sometimes it makes a difference if they get to keep the dog or not,” he said.
   Von Gunden can be contacted at 883-6453, or more information can be found online at www.doodypro.net

written by Nick Malawskey
printed by Centre Daily Times